Star Chamber Merced County Style


Preface:  Why did Acting Merced County Public Defender, Eric Dumars, without notice to his client (Forte), request an Order from the court that Forte be declared mentally incompetent to aid in his defense?  Listen to what Dumars told me on September 17th, 2012, by watching the YouTube Excerpt  (WARNING PLOT SPOILER).  Dumars will then contradict what he said on September 25th, 2012.

I always said that DA Morse could not let the criminal prosecution of me go to trial.  If it did, the evidence I would present in my defense would get most of the top law enforcement officials of Merced County in handcuffs.

In a desperate tyrannical last attempt to avoid being held accountable, Morse on the QT had my own counsel, Acting Merced County Defender Eric Dumars, make a motion to declare me mentally incompetent.  Once Dumars had me declared mentally incompetent, he could complete his back stabbing mission by having the criminal case against me dismissed without a trial that would prove my innocence.

Don’t believe me?  Listen to the conversation between Dumars and I of September 25th, 2012 and hear for yourself.

How many other citizens have been wrongly convicted due to the ability of the Merced County District Attorney’s Office to get the Merced County Public Defender’s Office to “roll over” on their clients to make the DA look good?

How many conflict public defenders assigned by DA Morse’s wife (Cindy Roberson Morse, MCDA) have “rolled over” on their clients so her husband DA Morse could look good for re-election?

The acts of Dumars, Morse, James Fincher, Roger Matzkind and Judge James Cadle show there was a conspiracy to get me unlawfully and unjustly declared mentally incompetent as if we’re living in a Third World County.  Their acts now demand that criminal cases stretching back for years need to be re-visited.  How many others has this been done to?

Let me make this very clear, I would never put a bullet through Dumars head…but I assure you that there have been many men that have been killed for far less than what Dumars and Morse have done.

(MERCED COUNTY, CALIFORNIA) On September 17th, 2012, under the color of law, I was ordered to be mentally evaluated by Judge James Cadle.  WOW!!!  What’s going on?

Some of you who were following the unholy jihad against me by a cabal of Merced County public officials must think you have missed a lot of chapters.  Not really.

I haven’t posted anything  intentionally since February, 2012.

Things have now reached the epitome of a tyrannical assault by Merced County District Attorney Larry Morse, Sheriff Mark Pazin, County Counsels Roger Matzkind and James Fincher, and Judge James Cadle.

Under the color of law, my own attorney, Merced County Acting Public Defender Eric Dumars acting as their envoy, requested the court that I be declared mentally incompetent to stand trial or to aid in my defense without a scintilla of any evidence as to why.

It was in direct retaliation to the copy of my letter of  August 28th, 2012 addressed to Merced County Sheriff Mark Pazin and Undersheriff Thomas Cavallero that I sent to  Mr. Michael Barranti of the Department of Justice/Office of the Inspector General.  It sucked more public officials into the cabal.

It exposed the destruction of  an official Merced County Sheriff’s Department Citizen Complaint to obstruct the investigation of police brutality against me…asking them to take action.

On September 19th, 2012 in a letter to the FBI, Department of Justice, Stanislaus County DA Birgit Fladager, Merced County Board of Supervisors, Fresno DA Elizabeth Egan, and others concerning the gross proceeding anomalies which created a Star Chamber, I said,

“Without any evidence, filed declaration, notice to me, the filing of any papers, or even a minimal statement of his specific reasons by Dumars for having me mentally evaluated…you ordered me to be mentally evaluated by two physicians of Dumars’ choice solely based upon Dumars asking it be done.  To say there was a lack of the required ‘substantial evidence’ presented to gain such an order according to code would be a gross understatement.”

My letter is prima facie evidence that I am not mentally incompetent…and that my imprisonment in a mental facility is being orchestrated until I see things the government’s way.

All the while, I have a virtual chorus line of attorneys and citizens that would attest to my certainly not being mentally incompetent.

Dumars, at the hearing on September 17th, 2012, was not asked by the court what substantial evidence he had that indicated I was mentally incompetent that justified him in making the motion.  However, Dumars revealed to myself, my wife, and licensed California Private Investigator Warren Yates before the hearing that the primary reason was WARNING PLOT SPOILER!!!  MUST WATCH VIDEO)

Yes, it is captured on video tape.  Get a load of an excerpt of the video with Dumars of September 17th, 2012, filmed by my wife with licensed California Investigator Warren Yates present.

Watch and listen for yourself as to what Dumars says primarily is the reason as to why I am mentally incompetent to aid in my defense.  Then look at the court transcript.

See what Dumars did not tell the court, and what the court did not ask.  Where and what was the substantial evidence of me being mentally incompetent that led Dumars and the court to order me to see two court appointed shrinks.  Not one paper was filed, or statements made as to what I had done.

Merced County Administrator, Larry Coombs. Funding DA Morse and Dumars maniacal waste of tax payers money by falsely prosecuting me for exposing public corruption.


My letter to Dumars of September 18th, 2012, also sent to Merced County Administrator Larry Coombs asks that he seriously consider that Dumars may have executive burn out.  I considered seeking his medical evaluation.  Then I deduced that no one would believe Dumars was nuts.  I sent a follow up letter explaining my re-consideration..Dumars wasn’t nuts..maybe just criminally insane.

A reasonable person after looking at the evidence, the motive….and the actions by Dumars and the court would just think he and Judge Cadle were both crooked as a dog’s hind leg and working with DA Morse.  The goal was to get Morse out of the fire and me put in a nut house…or jail…whichever was easiest.

I am now waiting for a call from nurses of the court appointed psychiatrists, Dr. Blak and Dr. Hamm, to schedule an appointment to give their opinion whether I am too nuts to aid my counsel.  You can see on the court transcript who I suggested to do the mental examination on Pg. 3, ln. 4.

Mr. Forte, we’re expecting you!

There will be more updates shortly……before I am incarcerated at Happy Hollows for my beliefs that there is a retaliatory prosecution against me by government officials that I exposed in my paper, the Badger Flats Gazette.

The certified court transcript of the proceedings shows that in less than three sentences, and not a scintilla of evidence presented to support Dumars’ assertion that I was not rational enough to aid in my defense, Judge Cadle granted it without a question asked.

Compare the proceedings to the very simple Rules of Court 4.130 Competency Proceedings that requires there be “substantial evidence” of my being irrational and which also states that the opinion of counsel is not allowed.

I have sent this information to the DOJ, FBI, and the DA’s of Stanislaus County, Fresno County, etc., and by this posting, to over 6,000 attorneys throughout California.  I have asked the public officials and law enforcement agencies to ask their investigators on staff that also are attorneys to review the transcript…it is clear cut.

It was a Star Chamber.   It was a gross abuse done under the color of law in the first step to having me mentally committed.   I am alerting Federal Court Judge Anthony Isshi who is presiding over my civil case against the culpable parties that they “are at it again!”

There are new causes of action to include in the Federal lawsuit I already have against them….and new defendants such as my own counsel, Mr. Eric Dumars.

Questions such as, “Gee, Mr. Dumars, the court has not noticed any peculiar behavior by Mr. Forte.  He doesn’t seem to be irrational to me, what are you talking about?  I haven’t seen him choking a chicken under the counsel’s table in the presence of the court reporter. Is there something else I don’t know about?”

Further suspect about what took place is that ADA Turner didn’t stand up and say, “We object, Forte is not crazy!  We’ve been building this misdemeanor cases against him for three and a half years at the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The prosecution for The People of the State of California objects!”

That wasn’t said?  How come?

It’s a rhetorical question…because DA Morse wanted this case closed down any way he could to prevent the evidence that I have from coming out.  It was on the verge and has now crossed over to the point where a Federal Consent Decree over Merced County law enforcement is on the horizon.

It will be needed to restore the public’s trust in law enforcement and the judiciary that has commandeered the assault upon me now to the point of being threatened with commitment to a state hospital.

I have sent this information in a letter dated September 11th, 2012 to the Merced Sun Star and Los Banos Enterprise asking that they update citizens as to the story they first reported about my triple felony arrests that were filed as simple misdemeanors.  What I got back was a threatening letter dated September 18th, 2012 from their HR Department for god’s sake.

The same letter had been sent directly to their high priced mouth piece, attorney Mr. Karl Olson,who is probably trying to get his testicles brought down from being jammed up into his stomach with the tyrannical move by Dumars.  Olson will now be brought before his First Amendment peers and asked why is he standing by while this assault upon all reporters’ First Amendment Rights are being assailed.

I have responded to the letter of September 18th, 2012 by Ms. Cathy Allison, V.P. Human Resources of the Modesto Bee/The Merced Sun Star.

It’s a short letter dated September 24th, 2012, starting off with…Dear Bitch,”  with a copy going to Karl Olson and Gene Lieb.

By the way, there were no farts out of the mouth of  Los Banos Enterprise publisher, Gene Lieb, and his black racist reporter Corey Pride.   My African American brothers, the Galloways  (see Anatomy of a Hustle available at to understand my life long relationship with the Galloways) referred to Pride as one “lying n-word”  and I wholeheartedly agree.

Mug Shot of Los Banos City Councilman Tommy Jones who went on to become Mayor of Los Banos. The get out of jail card was courtesy of ex-embezzler Merced DA Gordon Spencer not filing charges for Jones’ possession of crack cocaine.

Lieb and Pride were telling people I was a dangerous member of the KKK when I busted African American Mayor for taking bribes with the Fair Political Practices Commission, and reported upon Jones being arrested for crack cocaine when a Los Banos City Councilman.

Read the attachments of my letter to McClatchy Newspapers which shows the statements by Pride.  Like I told them, Pride is one lying black P.O.S..

McClatchy Newspapers didn’t tell you the charges against me were filed as misdemeanors because it is evidence that something was not right.  You don’t go from three felonies of attacking a judge in the presence of seven deputies to a misdemeanor of disturbing the peace.  I submit that you wouldn’t get out of the hallway without being shot several times.

Let’s see if the media outside of Merced County reports on a story of a publisher being threatened with incarceration in a mental institute essentially for his writings exposing government corruption….while McClatchy Newspapers stands silent because they are implicated in the support of the assault.

You heard it first here at the Badger Flats Gazette….check back ….stay updated and please tell others.

This is a Star Chamber… Merced County Style…. courtesy of our Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta from Monterey County, California.





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