PREFACE:  How many Americans that have used attorneys would think it is irrational, and a person should be declared mentally incompetent, because he is recording his conversations with his attorney, with his attorney’s permission?

Let’s add to that, how many Americans after seeing that I have had seven public defenders, the last one fired by the court after he documented with the court that he was being intimidated by the prosecution to undermine my case….would think I am crazy wanting to make sure everything was recorded?

Not many I submit…but hey, Dumars says I’m crazy.

Dumars, Morse, Pazin, Fincher, Matzkind and a bevy of Merced County officials.


MAJOR POINT:  Dumars and the Merced County Public Defender’s Office had declared a conflict which precluded them from representing me since September 2009.  It was only after my last assigned “conflict attorney” Larry Cole from Stanislaus County blew the whistle on the DA that I got stuck with Dumars.  When Cole was terminated by the court, Dumars was forced upon me by the court notwithstanding that the conflict still existed.

It was wrong from the start.  Dumars was on a conspiratorial mission to stab me in the back for Morse.

(MERCED COUNTY, CALIFORNIA)  Merced County acting Public Defender continued to shove his foot down his throat while simultaneously stuffing it up the derrieres of Merced County DA Larry Morse and his co-hort ADA Alan Turner for having a court order my mental evaluation.

“Have you lost your mind?” Forte’s response when Dumars told him he was seeking order to have Forte declared mentally incompetent

You will find the UNEDITED FULL CONVERSATION (12 minutes) (PDF with a few typos See Note 1) between me and Dumars of today, September 25th, 2012.  Dumars reason to declare me incompetent is so that he can then have the criminal case against me dismissed without a trial.  It let’s DA Morse and the cabal that has been falsely prosecuting me for almost four years off the hook.  I am being deprived by right to prove myself innocent at a trial.

Note 1: I have tried to have a PDF of excerpts of conversations, or the entire conversation (as expediently as possible..I don’t have a staff).  My wife Eileen transcribed portions of them.  It is very time consuming due to Dumars continually mumbling.  It literally seems at times to be drifting off speaking incoherent gibberish.  Please listen for yourself.  

I  urge for you to listen to the audio while reading the rough transcript.  Emulate Hercule Poirot,  Sherlock Holmes deductive reasoning.  Watch for interview techniques shown on Lie to Me.

Monsieur Dumars, are you telling me that you have still not listened to the tape recordings of Chief Prosecutor Morse?  Sacrebleu! How is that possible? I think my dear Hastings he is as they say….Morse’s Bitch!  No?

Listen to the inflections in both Dumars and my voice.  Hear what is beneath the surface of the answers, or questions.  The game is afoot my dear Dr. Watson.   

Listen to Dumars state so many incorrect legal positions that even a lowly in pro per without a law degree knows Dumars is full of poo-poo…all you need to have is common sense.  You should also listen to  the follow-up phone message and email to Dumars…which I bet dollars to donuts I do not get any responses to.

Dumars whines during the conversation that I have taken several excerpts of audio recordings of what he has told me and put it on the Internet.  Dumars says they were taken out of context.

Merced Acting Public Defender Eric Dumars

———Eric Dumars——– in street vernacular  “DA Morse’s Bitch”

Not so.  I have never put any audio excerpts of conversations with Dumars up on the Internet…EVER.

The only item that has been put up was on September 24th, 2012, was the video clip of Dumars lowering the boom about seeking to declare me mentally incompetent.

Dumars explains during the conversation of September 25th, 2012, how he and his “confidantes” in the Public Defender’s office (as he referred to them) hatched the Machiavellian plan to benefit DA Morse and tank me by questioning my sanity.

I call it a conspiracy to commit an abuse of my civil rights to deny me my right to trial by jury done under the color of law.  It is that simple.

Dumars and his “confidantes” knew they had no evidence to support I was mentally incompetent.  It is a ploy to maneuver control of the case away from me so evidence would not be presented about Morse, et al…

It is Dumars and the Merced County Good ol’ Boys’ plan to get me declared mentally incompetent, then dismiss the case saying that I cannot stand trial.

It gets DA Morse, Sheriff Mark Pazin, Merced County Counsels James Fincher/Roger Matzkind along with a bevy of other Merced County law enforcement and judicial officers such as Judge Brian McCabe and Judge Cadle off the hook for what they did.

It also goes down on the record that I am mentally incompetent, and therefore it will negatively affect my lawsuits against them in the civil courts.





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