County Public Defender Addicted to Cocaine


I’ve been writing!

Preface:  Hello, Gene Forte here back from the war zone…..and still kicking!!!

Do I have a story for you?

I have intentionally not posted any of the shenanigans of the Merced County Good ol’ Boys trying to get me declared crazy since about September 2012.

The reason being is that when you are fighting a corrupt governmental monster, you have to hold your fire until you see the whites of their eyes, and not tip your hand.

You have to let them put a noose around your neck and bring you to the bridge that they’re planning on hanging you from.

Then, just when they’re about to throw you off, you make a quick move, slip part of the rope around their neck, and jump off the bridge.

The weight of your body, causing the rope to cut into their own throat, forces them to cut the rope to free themselves… and you.

It’s a scene directly from Rob Roy MacGregor (Liam Neeson and Tim Roth).

On January 28th, 2013, my own attorney (in name only)  Eric Dumars [duhm-(ăs)], Acting Public Defender of Merced County, had a trial convened, with no notice to me, to have me declared mentally incompetent.

I was prevented from putting on any defense of me being mentally competent or calling witnesses on my behalf.

Now, I’m not going to go into a lot of detail… if you want that, you’re going to need to attend my public speaking engagements, and/or buy my books.

I have paid my dues by surviving the assault upon my family and I for four years.  It is now time for me to reap the rewards by decrying this story to the highest heavens in an attempt to stop it from happening to others.

Rob Roy– Scottish Peasant That Is Still More Man Than You (Rob Roy)

Dumars waived my right to a jury, called a shrink, Dr. Richard  Blak (kwak) from Fresno to testify (a paid whore for the court that never met me), and with Judge James “rubber stamp’em” Cadle, had me declared mentally incompetent to stand trial for the misdemeanor criminal charges that have been looming over my head since 2009.

The objective of  what I allege was a silent conspiracy to do so was so that I would not be able to show, at my criminal trial, that I was falsely arrested at two courthouses.

I was then vindictively prosecuted for four years by DA Larry Morse, with the blessings of judges of the Merced Superior Court, Merced County Supervisors, Counsel James Fincher, and Merced County Sheriff Mark Pazin…all wasting precious county financial resources to cover up their crimes against a citizen reporter for exposing them.

There is also a further revolting twist in that Dumars  [duhm-(ăs)] requested, and the court granted it, that I pay for the legal fees expended for my purported defense.

Over the course of four years and six public defenders the only papers filed consisted of a short Opposition to the Consolidation of Cases, and a short Pitchness Motion..both were lost..and both are basic forms out of a book.

I was zinged  $9,333.33 in legal fees, while still classified as an indigent defendant.


[Court transcript Pg. 66, ln. 13 – Pg.  67, ln. 16]
I think my client should have to pay for the rope!

Your Honor, I think my client should have to pay for the rope!

DUMARS:  …So I think it’s — I think it’s appropriate to have it dismissed, because it’s not — the resources that the state has, the resources that the state has are dwindling. They’ve spent too much on this case. And it would have been great, because it could have been resolved a long time ago. But it hasn’t. It’s just too much. It would take a year for him to get into the state hospital.

And it would be at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars. I’m not saying that Mr. Forte for his actions, you know, he’s basically going to get a walk. I would ask that the Court — I would ask the Court to — the other thing — I’m sorry, Judge. I know I’m going on. I know I’m going on. The other thing I was going to say is that the state — the local jail facility, even if Mr. Forte were convicted of the charges, the local jail facility is in a state where they would not — they would most likely not have space for him. He wouldn’t even do any jail time.

So the most the Court could really do on Mr. Forte would be to impose a fine,  because I don’t see him doing jail time based upon the charges just because of the state of the jail. So because of the state of the jail, if he ever were convicted, he would probably wouldn’t do jail time, not that it would be appropriate. But even if he was sentenced to jail time, the Sheriff has been kicking people out. The cost of the state hospital in competency training would be extreme.

And that this has been going on for so long, I would ask the Court to dismiss it. I would also the Court to impose attorney’s fees. I think the Court could justify imposing substantial attorney fees. And I have a number, if the Court’s inclined to go that way; I have a number that I would submit to the Court. That’s my argument on this matter. Thank you.


Often misquoted use of Dick the henchmen’s best known phrase.

All of it was being done aided by their propaganda machines the Merced Sun-Star, Modesto Bee, and the Los Banos Enterprise providing cover.

There is a often quoted phrase of  Shakespeare saying  that if you want social reform, you first had to kill all of the attorneys.  I disagree.

I think if Shakespeare were alive today, he would say that you had to first start by burning down the newspapers that hide the corruption of our government from the people.  (Note:  I’m not suggesting that anyone should start burning down newspapers.)

Present at the Star Chamber to brand me too crazy to be tried was Merced County District Attorney Larry Morse’s minion, DDA Alan Turner who didn’t have any objection to my escaping justice for my “alleged crimes.”

The reason being, I would be permanently branded as being crazy.

Hell, I would rather risk being found guilty than crazy any day!  Especially, when I know that I am innocent and these mongrels are as guilty as sin of falsely arresting and prosecuting me.


[Court transcript, Pg 67, lns-25- Pg. 68, ln. 6]

Seditious Libeler, Crazy & Vexatious!

DDA Alan Turner:  “From a prosecutor’s perspective, I think it’s difficult to watch a person who’s accused of a series of misdemeanor crimes to simply walk away from the –from the matter and leave court unscathed. On the other hand, he comes away from these proceedings with a label that I don’t think is insignificant. I think that the important changes in his life have occurred.  And I think that in the bigger perspective, he’s not unscathed.”

The label Turner is referring to of course is that I am mentally incompetent, crazy!

The basis for me being found crazy is because I said I believed there was a conspiracy of silence among Merced County public officials, higher up public officials, and law enforcement to conceal I was falsely arrested and being falsely prosecuted for exposing public corruption in the Badger Flats Gazette.

I believe that my own sixth public defender Dumars [duhm-(ăs)] was sent in to slit my throat to conceal the false prosecution of me by DA Morse.

Light years ahead of Dr. Richard Blak.

Light years ahead of Dr. Richard Blak.

DUMARS [duhm-(ăs)], BLAK [kwak] & PICINICH [pis-a-nich]

You see that I put the phonetic pronunciation (as I see their true self) behind some of my adversaries’ names.

At first, the uninformed may consider it childish.  I suggest they reserve judgment lest they like the feel of egg on their face.

You will see it’s my pouring salt in the wounds of Dumars [duhm-(ăs)] as you read segments of the court transcript such as:

[Court transcript, Pg. 31, ln 7 – Pg.  32, ln.  21

(Questioning by Dumars [duhm-(ăs)] of Forte)

DUMARS:  It’s clear that you have a gift with words; is that fair to say?

FORTE:   Pardon me?

Q:   It’s clear you have a gift with words. You’re articulate and you have some talent with regards to expressing yourself; isn’t that fair to say?

A:   I would believe so. Of course, I don’t want it to be considered to be narcissistic in thinking that I do – that I’m a  good writer as Dr. Blak has referred somehow that I’m  narcissistic.

Q:   You also — you also are very talented at insulting people; isn’t that also true?

A:   At what?

Q:   Insulting people.

A:   At what?

Q:   Insulting people.

A:    I do not believe so.

Q:   Deputy Picinich, you constantly refer to him by the name of “Pissinich.” Isn’t that true?

A:   Are you referring to Deputy Chris Picinich, who is a member of your baseball team that you played on that you did not disclose to me (and) that it would be a conflict… and you have (still) not disclosed or told me fully when you were members of a baseball team with Deputy Picinich or not?

Q:   When you –

A:   And do you believe that — excuse me. Do you believe that referring to a person by their last name instead of using the formal name of “Mr.” or “Deputy” is something that is derogatory and insulting?

Q:  You can say — you can say the word “Pick” as in ice pick, can’t you?

A:   Pardon me?

Q:  As an ice pick. You can say the word “pick,” can’t you?

A:   I imagine so. It’s a short term of — what, I’m sorry. I don’t understand that question.

The point of the bizarre improper questioning of me by own purported defense counsel was that I was insulting Deputy Chris Picinich by calling him piss.  Granted, any deputy that falsely arrests someone and then slams his head against a wall after being handcuffed certainly deserves the title…but I was not doing that.


Shortly after Dumars was appointed Interim Acting Public Defender of Merced County he was forced upon me by the court over my objection due to the pre-existing conflict they had declared for the past 3 years.

I honestly at the time of being questioned had no idea what Dumars [duhm-(ăs)]  was trying to get at.

Upon obtaining the court transcript, I found that the court reporter (who regretfully I think) tried to coyly support Dumars’ unfounded attack upon me and continually typed Pissanich when I said it and Picinich when Dumars said it.

To her credit, she did correct it after I directed her to Speech-to-Text that confirmed the proper pronunciation according to the English language (and any other may I point out) of Picinich is phonetically Pis-a-nich, not Pick-a-nich.

Therefore, I was being attacked for pronouncing Picinich correctly while all the others were saying it wrong.

In itself, the above is not a huge thing, but it is a very important one to show how the theme of me being a crazy person was developed by my purported own attorney.

Perhaps, Dumars was extra ticked at this trial on January 28th, 2013, due to information I had obtained from anonymous sources saying he was a cocaine addict, and had gotten in trouble for  hitting on a daughter of one of his clients.  Let me share with you segments of the court transcript, that I submit caught Dumars literally with his pants down by his providing additional information that I did not receive from my confidential source.



BY DUMARS [duhm-(ăs)]?


DUMARS:   Okay. You in your declaration today that you filed with the Court have indicated that you believe that I am a cocaine addict?

FORTE:  That is incorrect, misstates my statement inside of the letter. What I stated was, was that when I was incarcerated — details — when I was incarcerated on December the 3rd, 2012 an individual, who wishes to go ahead and remain anonymous at the prison, said that he had gone and had Mr. Dumars as his attorney, and that Mr. Dumars was a cocaine addict and had gone ahead and made improper sexual advances to a daughter of one of his clients. As to how true that is, I do not know. However, I will state that according to my own personal observations and Mr. Dumars’ slurred speeches and antics in what he is doing in this proceeding, I have no reason to go ahead and — doubt it (added for clarity)  [Court transcript Pg. 33, lns 3-17]





DUMARS:  …..And when there’s some — there’s some disagreement in how to present that defense, it is met, and I believe due to the disorder, with intense aggression that results in, as the Court has seen, horrendous accusations, manipulation of evidence, drug abuse. Mr. Forte today for the first time has indicated that he believes I — or makes the accusation that his defense counsel has made inappropriate advances to an underage daughter of a client. He takes these extreme delusions and then he broadcasts them through emails to, as he mentioned, to the entire legal community.

MR. FORTE: I never mentioned anything about an underage client!

THE COURT: Sit down, please. This is not evidence being presented.

MR. FORTE: Oh, I thought he was supplying additional information.

THE COURT: Closing statement.

MR. FORTE: I didn’t know about under aged.

I will close with this.  First if I am crazy, I’m as crazy as a fox.  Second, the existence of the conspiracy that I was found crazy for believing existed is proven by the Star Chamber proceedings which is documented by the Certified Court Transcript of January 28th, 2013. [Court transcript Pg. 60, ln 21—Pg. 61, ln. 8]


You can read my Motion for Reconsideration of the court’s ruling which highlights a few of what can only be called the gross abnormalities of the “purported”  trial.

Tell Me What Treason Looks Like; This is What Treason Looks Like!

I would be crazy in thinking that the cock-eyed crooked Judge James Cadle would reverse his ruling,  but it will be another straw on the jack asses’ back in the anticipated appeal.

No attorney, judge, or public official can justify in any way what took place…unless they were part of the regimes of Hitler or Stalin.  What they will do is try to stay silent and not comment upon it at all.

That, to me is, as it should be to you or any other true American, unacceptable.  It would permit the continuation of a conspiracy of silence and let the misdeeds of government continue and worsen.

It is now public condemnation time for these treasonous mutts who have desecrated the ideals of our American justice system.

I assure you that I will do my best to make sure that any attorney, law school, journalism school,  or public official that closes their eyes to this will ultimately burden the brunt of public scorn and humiliation.

I also assure you that any news organizations that cover-up McClatchy Newspapers’ hand (aka Merced Sun-Star, etc.),  in concealing the Star Chamber proceeding of this citizen publisher exposing government corruption, will also walk the plank of public scrutiny.

Walking the metaphorical plank is better than their being the fodder for a bonfire (LOL).

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