Dear Visitors

Dear Badger Flats Gazette visitors:

Welcome to our site, vision, and quest to proliferate and defend the rights of the lay person within the American Judicial System.

Most Americans will agree that there are serious flaws in our justice system but feel overwhelmed and helpless in how they can possibly change or correct the problem which is known as “the System”.

In the same breath, Americans will say, that even with the flaws, we still have the best justice system in the world today and I believe they are correct.

However, in order to preserve and stop further decay of our system, immediate attention must be given to the rampant growing virus of unethical attorneys, public officials, and other members of the judicial community that believe they are above the laws they swore to uphold.

Public officials and judicial officers such as attorneys have come to believe they are a nation amongst themselves living outside the laws that were made for us all to live by.

Adversaries will use rhetoric to explain away the problems created by a self disciplinary system.  The government does not hold themselves accountable.

They hope that the public will feel there is no way to fight “the self disciplinary system” and  continue to lay in the dirt as a defeated underdog.

I, however, feel confident that my willingness to throw down the gauntlet will ignite the forces needed to right a wrong.

For this, I have come under personal attack.  Slinging mud will be my adversaries way to draw attention away from the problem.

Nothing worthwhile is gained without hard work and persistence,  despite the knowledge that there will be those on the “warpath” to destroy you.  This fight for change is worth the risks I am taking for my children and my country.

I do believe in America and most importantly, I believe that one person can make a difference if they are willing to do what must be done.

For those of you that may try and say it is only a personal vendetta of mine, have no idea of the personal and professional sacrifice I am making to expose what happens when a person stands up to the “bully”.

Just because I am personally involved does not mean that what is being done to me is right, just, or could not happen to any other person in this country that is unwilling to “kiss the emperor’s ring”.

The ring is worn by unethical attorneys, judges, and public officials who ignore the problem so that they themselves will not be exposed as being part of it.

The process of exposing the degradation of our justice system can only start with direct personal experience of what happens when a person such as myself, says enough is enough.  I will not be defeated and I am not wrong.

The battle for justice starts with correcting an injustice.

The personal sacrifices that need to be made and the passion of pushing forward against incredible odds starts with myself and I am unwilling to walk away or be shamed into thinking I am wrong.

You will see and hear for yourself and be able to cast your vote and opinion as to what you believe is right or wrong.

You will be able to judge my conduct and those of my adversaries and come to conclusions of your own.

I’m asking you to tell others of what I am doing and join with me in letting our voice grow so loud it can not be ignored.

You, after becoming acquainted with me through this website can decide if I am a Don Quixote, a Zorro, a Gladiator, Angel, Avenger, or The Equalizer.

I will let you decide.

Gene Forte aka The Badger

Writer/Editor for the Badger Flats Gazette