What a Fool Believes..says the Doobies!

What a Fool Believes..says the Doobies!


Preface:   Fortunately they haven’t taken my writing tools away yet.  I think they may like to after they read my Petition while saying the heck with that nasty old First Amendment Rights stuff.

On April 1st, 2013 an auspicious day not unlike the 5th of November, for this  court proclaimed village idiot,  I filed my petition for review with the California Supreme Court.

So, why are the newspapers not saying a word about what you are seeing evidence of here…a citizen publisher being  declared purportedly to be mentally incompetent and vexatious by the government for exposing public corruption?

Where are all the First Amendment people, ACLU, law school professors, journalists, newspapers, activists, lawyers, judges, or someone in government standing up and asking what in the heck is going on with this Forte thing?

They are all silent.

I say there is a conspiracy of silence against me by public officials and McClatchy Newspapers to escape accountability to the laws, and to punish me for exposing public corruption and the connection of it to the media.

I’ve written about what is called the Martha Mitchell Effect which describes when a person was incorrectly diagnosed by a psychiatrist as being delusional for thinking there was a conspiracy against them.   It was named after Martha Mitchell wife of John Mitchell,  Attorney-General in the Nixon administration..and of course The Watergate Scandal.  She was vindicated as not crazy when the scandal broke affirming all she was saying.

You can call me Martha.

About taking my pencils away, I do see there is a new push by the Feds to classify anyone that is critical of government to be considered domestic terrorists.  I wonder if they have put me on that list?  Do you think me delusional for wondering that, or would you consider me irrational for NOT wondering that?

Feds Identify 300,000 Americans as Terrorists

Remember I did use that phrase a few weeks ago to describe what I consider Justice Stephan Kane, Detjen and Poochigian of the Fifth Appellate Court to be.


No one tells the fool to Remember April's Fools Day!

No one tells the fool to Remember April’s Fools Day!




Did the Fifth Appellate Court abuse its discretion and deny petitioner due process by not appointing a guardian ad litem

to represent Petitioner who was indigent and mentally incompetent at the time of the proceeding against him on February 13th, 2013?

My California Supreme Court Petition for Review S209663  is now available for viewing in what I call a “pseudo copy form” that has had typos and grammatical corrections done.  The substance has not been changed from what was filed with the court.

I delayed in posting it so as not to make it too easy for my  adversaries to email it around to each other.

I do want them to do a little work for themselves for the  insurance money they’re bilking from the tax payers of Los Banos and Merced County to defend Jones, Morse, Turner and Picinich, et al. , while they continue to violate the laws like wild thugs out on bail.

Basically they’re trying to stop  the key witness against them from getting to trial.

It is a simple plan readily recognizable that all law enforcement thus far has known about and gone along with.

Let’s see if the California Supreme Court is going to go along with it too?

My writing at times have an intended tone of indignation at the arrogance of those that want to be addressed as, “The Honorable” Judge James Cadle, or address each other as “The Honorable”  District Attorney Larry Morse, II.

I always hope for the best that some judge, attorney  public official is going to be fair, rise up and say what is happening to me must be investigated, but I prepare for the worst of that not happening and of continuing to be treated unfairly.

It is getting much more difficult for other public officials that have not been directly involved thus far to sanction my being declared mentally incompetent.

It’s straight out of Russia, no exaggeration.

When Acting Interim Merced County Public Defender Eric Dumars  had me declared mentally incompetent so he could get the criminal charges dismissed with no trial that would reveal I was innocent and  DA Larry Morse was falsely prosecuting me, he laughed and said the DA thought it was a “novel idea”.

I am sincerely hoping Dumars is regretting saying such mocking words to describe such a treacherous act.

If you would like to get an attorneys  take on the Petition for Review check out what California attorney Gary Zerman had to say about it.

Zerman sent it to other attorneys concerned about the rule of law being desecrated in my case.  I hope to have Gary as a featured writer from time to time.

I told him I’d refer to them as “Sermons from Zerman” to win him over. (LOL)

My petition asks succinctly if Justice Stephan Kane and the Fifth Appellate court panel had lost their judicial minds, or am I too mentally incompetent to see their wisdom of putting the village idiot (me) on trial without counsel.

The petition brings all of the good ol boys together that have had a hand in what I say was a conspiracy of silence to protect each other and how they did it, and are still orchestrating, but it is getting somewhat unwieldy for them.

The Honorable Judge Anthony Ishii

The Honorable Judge Anthony Ishii

Concurrently, the cases of Forte v. Jones,  and Forte vs. Merced County are before Eastern District Federal Judge Anthony Ishii.

Ishii has ordered that the Merced County defendants, who also are the prosecutors DA Morse, ADA Turner, James Fincher, et al to inform Ishii the status of their failed criminal proceeding against me.  Judge Ishii had actually been expecting a report on the case for several months since he had heard of the mental competency proceeding I was bitching about.

Judge Ishii gave them until April 9th, 2013 to let him know, ‘What in the wide world of sports is going on over there?”

Wait until you get a load of what Merced County Counsel Roger Matzkind filed at 4:08PM.  What a dunce.

Matzkind took a document he created on April 18th, 2012 (LAST YEAR-NOT A TYPO) reporting on the  “status of the criminal proceedings against me”  but didn’t update it one bit.

You can see from the March 25th, 2013 Order Doc. 118  (Pg. 4, lns. 1-11) of Judge Ishii Matzkind was longer over due.

Matzkind did not obey the order of the court by not providing any update or estimated time to resolution of the criminal case, etc..  The reason being if he did it would be let out of the bag what they should be disbarred and arrested for.


Matzkind just attached articles  from the Badger Flats Gazette about Judge Ishii being requested by me to have investigated the prosecutorial misconduct in my case by them his clients.  The article was DA Morse Cabal Reported to Federal Judge Anthony Ishii (Ex. 119-7, “G”).

I said it was leading them to commit one crime after another against me and they continue to do so.

It led to them getting me declared mentally incompetent to dismiss the criminal charges against me without trial that would show what they did.. and me innocent.

Never does Matzkind come out and say that I was declared mentally incompetent but only attaches the court registry of actions.

Matzkind attaches what he purports to be a Certified Court Transcript of the January 28th, 2013 trial (Document 119-4-EX-D)  that contains prejudicial mistakes made to paint me in a bad light that were corrected by the certified court reporter filed with the court.

Judge Ishii also knows that attorneys Benjamin Ratliff and Chad Snyder just  declared under penalty of perjury in Document #053 in Forte vs. Jones that the court transcripts of January 28th, 2013 were sealed.

(Note:  Which they are not.)

Next assuming that Matzkind read through the BFG as much as Ratliff and Snyder do he would have read the articles about the specious prejudicial errors that were corrected by Court Reporter Maria Valdez in this article:


It’s not a stupid mistake by Matzkind it was an intentional one to conceal what has been taking place and to prejudice Judge Ishii against my interests.

Matzkind attaches as Ex. 119-6 “F” the Fifth Appellate Court order of being a vexatious litigant but does not inform the court I have filed a Petition for Review with the CA Supreme Court.

Its called a fraud upon the court..but what other is to be expected when you have caught government actors doing something wrong…a confession.. .highly unlikely.


Prevaricator of the Truth: Merced County Counsel Roger Matzkind

Prevaricator of the Truth: Merced County Counsel Roger Matzkind

Here’s the real cherry on the sundae of inanity for you, Matzkind has requested in what he calls a current status report (but its of last April 2012 NOT A TYPO BY MATZKIND) that I now be appointed sua sponte (right now) a Merced County guardian ad litem to take over my case against them for me.

Don’t believe me, here you go:

Notice of Electronic Filing

The following transaction was entered by Matzkind, Roger on 4/9/2013 at 4:08 PM PDT and filed on 4/9/2013

Case Name: Forte v. County of Merced et al
Case Number: 1:11-cv-00318-AWI-BAM
Filer: County of Merced
James Fincher
Larry Morse
Jerry O’Banion
Mark Pazin
John Picinich
Alan Turner
Document Number: 119

Docket Text:
NOTICE Regarding Status of Plaintiffs Criminal Case Pursuant to Court Order of March 25, 2013; Request the Court Sua Sponte Appoint a Guardian Ad Litem by County of Merced, James Fincher, Hill, Jaskowiac, Leuchner, Larry Morse, Jerry O’Banion, Mark Pazin, John Picinich, Alan Turner re [118] Order,, Set/Reset Deadlines and Hearings,. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit A, # (2) Exhibit B, # (3) Exhibit C, # (4) Exhibit D, # (5) Exhibit E, # (6) Exhibit F, # (7) Exhibit G, # (8) Exhibit H)(Matzkind, Roger) [RED EMPHASIS]

I sure hope I don’t get Eric Dumars, naw, he’s a public defender.

Maybe they would think the best choice would be DA Larry Morse!

He’s a prosecutor and knows the in’s and out’s of my case against him and them……or am I just crazy?



That tickles Mr. Ratliff!

That tickles Mr. Ratliff!

I’m blushing.  They say plagiarism is the highest form of flattery.

With that in mind I give humble thanks for the flattery from attorneys Mr. Chad Snyder and Benjamin Ratliff who are defending ex-mayor Tommy Jones of Los Banos by plagiarizing my website content.

Snyder and Ratliff must be some of those three-four hour visitors to Badger  They cut and paste links, taking and quoting stuff out of context like mad dogs to their most recent trial documents.


130325-045-Pretrial statement-by-Defendant-Declaration by Snyder


What’s satirical about it is that the more they do the more it proves my case against them…the big bunnies!

I sued Jones for violating my civil rights by cutting off my microphone at a council public meeting when I was in the middle of reading the certified recall of him I had organized.

I was then forced out of the meeting by the now ex-police Chief Gallagher Mayor Jones was presiding over.

These are my pretrial statements:

130326-48-AMENDED Plaintiff’s Pretrial Statement

130326-49-AMENDED Plaintiff’s Declaration to Pretrial Statement

130326-49-1- AMENDED Plaintiff’s Declaration Exhibit 1

Judge Ishii ordered for both me and Ratliff to file status reports no later than May 17th, 2013, about my mental competency status while taking the trial of Forte v. Jones off calendar.  Judge Ishii ordered that neither of us respond to each others reports.


Snyder/Ratliff used their cut and paste skills and shot back the very next day their version of the truth in a status report with hyper-links to articles of the Badger Flats Gazette used out of context.






When I ran into a bump in the road in routinely requesting subpoenas to be issued according to Federal Rules of Procedure 45.  Subpoena, on March 29th, 2013, I let the court know that I would  not file any response to the status report they filed (as previously ordered by the court) but would address the fraud upon the court by Ratliff and Snyder, in my status report on May 17th, 2013 as ordered.

130329-54-Letter-Request-to-Ishii-For-Subpoenas 2.pdf


What Lies Behind Us and Lies Before Us are Small Matters Compared To What Lies Right To Our Faces.


The people at the top of the executive branches of California law enforcement have known about the assault upon me for years.  The hot potato started with Attorney General Bill Lockyer,  tossed to Jerry Brown and dumped in the lap of Prez Obama’s fantasy girl Kamala Harris.  If you doubt  that they’re not all connected at the democratic hip to Top Gun Leon Panetta you need to smell the coffee.

I smiled when I saw the photo op of California Attorney General Kamala Harris with President Obama while in SF shilling for bucks.  Do you think Leon was there, you can bet your granny he was.

It’s time for McClatchy Newspapers to start shoring up the public image of that sexy but intelligent Kamala would never conceal the assault upon me by officials under her charge.

I've heard that Forte is one crazy white guy!

I’ve heard that Forte is one crazy white guy!

Here was the message of the photo op with Prez Obama saying:

“You have to be careful to, first of all, say she is brilliant and she is dedicated and she is tough, and she is exactly what you’d want in anybody who is administering the law, and making sure that everybody is getting a fair shake.”

Thank God, Praise the Lord I have been saved.  Kamala is going to give me a fair shake!  Right?

She gives everyone a fair shake, right?

That’s what I read?

—Wait, sorry, I’m the village idiot–they fooled me!  Did they you?

US Attorney Benjamin Wagner (in Back) at gathering of Merced County Defendants Morse and defendant LBPD Brizzee at Los Banos City Hall

Overview: (Merced County, California) – Gene Forte reported Grand Jury tampering, retaliatory prosecution, false arrests, battery by the police, and death threats to the FBI. Yet the FBI has not contacted Forte. Why? Is it because some of the perpetrators are pictured above? Forte filed a complaint with substantial evidence requesting an investigation of abuses done under the color of law by Merced County Officials on March 1st, 2011. Additional repeated requests for contact were made on April 25th, 2011 and May 18th, 2011.


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