“Who wants to stand with Forte against us?, taunts Merced County DA Larry Morse.

PREFACE:  Many of you are still unaware of the massive amount of information I possess which provides substantial  evidence that there is a cabal of Merced County and State officials trying to punish and silence me for exposing public corruption.  The information is comprised of court filed documents, court orders, video and audio recordings.

Therefore, if at first, you find my writings somewhat harsh and unforgiving at times ….I think after you hear and see what is taking place, you might think I deserve a medal for not using expletives every other word to describe these treacherous, uncivil civil servants.

It has culminated into what is now taking place straight out of the darkest days of our nation and Russia.  In the days of old, our government would submit citizens who criticized the government to scorn by other citizens.

Citizens who dared to speak out were put in stocks.  It served multiple purposes.

The primary one was to let other would be criticizers of government be warned what would happen to them.

Let me tell you that the times have not changed from our colonial days.  The government has its tricks to ostracize citizens who criticize government honed to a science.

It has become less messy and bloody with the assistance of compliant newspapers (who line their pockets with political advertising bucks, etc.) that act as stealth character assassins destroying a man’s good name….so his allegations of government crimes against him are not believed.

I am attempting to turn the tables on Morse, et al (aka The Good ol’ Boys).   The number one weapon I have against them is you , and you spreading the word of what you are seeing.  I am trying to flash the light on what is taking place so I do not get mugged behind closed doors.

Stanislaus County Deputy Randy Watkins said that I couldn’t go to the media because they’re involved.  I had to get it out for public opinion.  110628_Public_opinion.mp3 You don’t need to take my word about what Watkins said.  Listen to some excerpts yourself.


Here is one recording regarding why Deputy Watkins thinks the attack is happening to me.   110628_You_Have_Dirty_Laundry_On_Them.mp3

Watkins was subpoenaed by my previous Stanislaus attorney Larry Cole to testify at my now “in limbo”  (until the court decides I’m not nuts) criminal trial.  Watkins said there was evidence of Merced County Grand Jury Tampering by Merced County Counsel James Fincher. 110628_There_is_a_Crime.mp3

Watkins discovered evidence of the Grand Jury Tampering of my complaint while investigating a Patterson PD Report I filed against Merced City PD Officer Leon Pintabonna.  Pintabonna came out of his jurisdiction of Merced City to intimidate and harass me for what he knew was a false police report filed by the Merced Sun Star.

Merced County Law Enforcement Creed.  I’m hoping there are other Stanislaus and Merced County Law enforcement officers that are going to say enough is enough..and reign these hooligans in that are tarnishing the reputation of all good officers.

Listen to the first call from Pintabonna 110321-Officer-Pintabona-First-Conversation.WMA saying he knew that I didn’t commit any crime.  So what in the heck is he calling me for?  (It’s rhetorical..I know the answer..and you will find out as you learn more.  There are other posts on this website that go into detail about the incident.

Watkins also said that the police reports filed by the Merced County Deputies were full of false fabrication, and outright lies. 110628_Flat_Out_Lied.mp3

It took guts for Watkins to put on record what other law enforcement officers hide.  Watkins apologized to me for what was happening.  I am going to keep a vigilant eye over any repercussions that may come from his higher ups, such as Patterson PD Chief Tori Hughes, Stanislaus DA Birgit Fladager or Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christensen.

I am concerned that Watkins has not contacted me back since September 10th, 2012 after taking my police report against these Merced County officials.  I am seeking to have DA Birgit Fladager open up communications for me with Federal authorities through the proper channels of Stanislaus County Law enforcement about the Merced cabal.

The best way I have of de-railing this conspiracy is to tell you in advance what to watch for….what they are going to do or may do…then you will be ready to catch their tricks.

I no longer expect justice as of this time in a courtroom…unless the public is watching over the shoulder of these public officials I have by the scruff of their necks.

Please tell others to visit this site and review the information.  They can decide for themselves what is taking place.

Am I nuts…or do I have these public officials at the end of their line and desperate?

UPDATE:  If you have listened to my last conversation with acting Merced County Public Defender Eric Dumars, you will find that I was requesting that he inform me if he intended to attempt to waive  my right to a jury trial.  As bizarrely as it may sound (when it is applied to my situation), Dumars could waive my request for a trial by jury under the auspice that I am already incapable of deciding if I should have Judge Cadle or 12 jurors of my peers.

I have to tell you that if I did want to have Judge Cadle instead of 12 jurors, I would not only be nuts…I would have to be the most gullible, stupid son of a gun that walked the earth.

No doubt about it!

Dumars, as will be seen from other videos and recordings, avoids providing a definite answer to that very important question.

Not knowing the answer then puts me in a further state of red alert knowing that it is their intent (as it was from the start) to railroad me into being declared mentally incompetent.  It also disrupts my sleep,  causes pain and anguish to my family, and a fear that at any moment, I could be carted away.

It is as if I were in Russia and on my way to the Gulag… or worse.

Is Sandy Mush Merced County’s Russian Gulag? How many times has Dumars sold out a defendant to make DA Morse and Sheriff Mark Paziin look good?

I am keeping a tight public reign on Dumars/Morse, et al.

I want a clear record as to what I say is a conspiracy to abuse my rights under the color of law to get DA Morse and a whole slew of Merced County Officials (and State officials) off the hook of accountability.

You will find the voice message and email sent to Dumars today, September 25th, 2012.

I have clearly instructed Dumars not to waive my right to jury.

You will find that I have also asked Dumars to inform me if I am entitled to have  legal counsel assigned by the Merced Court to oppose the competency proceedings, or if I am permitted to file documents to oppose my being declared incompetent.

I have not yet heard from Dr. Hamm and Dr. Blak to set the court ordered mental evaluation appointment…which is sort of bizarre.  I mean the hearing was over a week ago.

Cadle was acting like I was suppose to have the appointment set on the spot.

It seems the conspiracy to get me mentally declared incompetent is train wrecking ….in fact it appears they’re trying to back up the train as if it didn’t happen.

Well, I am obligated as an American not to let that happen..not on my watch.

If they did it to me, they have done it and will do it to others if not stopped…in fact, they will become even more brazen (if that can be imagined)









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