DA Morse and the Merced Good ol Boys are nothing more than a reincarnation of the same government evildoers “Circa 1972 Watergate “.

PREFACE:  I imagine, with a court ordered mental evaluation of me looming, a number of citizens would be thinking that it would be unwise of me to make  a public proclamation that the indictments of Merced County DA Larry Morse, Merced County Sheriff Mark Pazin, Deputy Picinich, Scott, Jaskowich, LBPD Parker, Brizzee, Merced County Counsel James Fincher with  Roger Matzkind,  and Merced County Acting Public Defender Eric Dumars (and others) …are imminent.

I know it is a long list.  On the surface, it seems conspiratorially delusional.

Please bear with me…but  there are still a number  of other vermin whose actions have earned their inclusion.

It is a time old cover for cabals who have no respect for law and order.  That is why they form a cabal.

They create and live the  “BIG LIE”  committing flagrant violations in plain sight.  Citizens tend to think it would be impossible for them to do this because of law enforcement.  Not so, when they ARE the law enforcement.

I am not crazy.  Friends who have heard about the court ordered mental evaluation chortle and say, “Yeah right!  Crazy like a fox maybe!”

Citizens at present are just becoming aware, in scattered bits and pieces, of the “substantial evidence” the cabal does not want to come out at my criminal trial.

The evidence proves me innocent and sets them up to be held accountable for a number of crimes.  It forced them to conspire to have me unlawfully declared mentally incompetent so that they could have the criminal cases against me dismissed over my objection.

Their recent actions put to rest any idea that my allegations against them were unfounded or delusional.  They have proved my point.

The conspiracy was to get my attorneys to convince me to file a Motion to Recuse DA Larry Morse to let him off the hook which I adamantly refused to do.

All of the conflict attorneys assigned to defend me (by DA Morse’s wife) had the same backstabbing mission to carry out for DA Morse. Albeit, Davis maneuvered his way out of being put in that position early on. Davis is considered to be one of the smarter conflict public defenders.

Each of my assigned defenders prior to Acting Public Defender Eric Dumars, being William Davis, (Thomas Pfeiff),  Barbara O’Neill and Larry Cole, after listening to the audio recording of  of DA Morse, said it was egregious prosecutorial misconduct.  Each stated adamantly that a Motion to Dismiss the case based on prosecutorial misconduct (which we could prove in spades) should be made to which I agreed.

Then, months went by with no Motion to Dismiss filed.   It is absurd that misdemeanors cases normally dispensed within 6 months have been pending  for almost  four years.  It is much worse than a dilatory prosecution.

O’Neill told me that my case was causing her more stress than another case she was handling at the time.  It was the case of  Raul Renato Castro, a 14-year-old Mendota boy on murder charges in connection with the slaying of his 4-year-old neighbor.  Why?

All O’Neill had to do was file a Motion to Dismiss based upon false police reports and gross over the top prosecutorial misconduct/retaliatory prosecution for me exposing local public corruption in the BFG?  (Get It?)

When after months I finally ask that she file the Motion to Dismiss, O’Neill set  the trial date for 30 days out without my advance knowledge or consent.  Three days later, she tells me she can no longer be my attorney!  It is all documented.  Cole followed the same pattern..  Cole was terminated by the court after he put in writing that he was being intimidated by Morse to drop me right before the last scheduled trial.  Cole told me he was  hospitalized due to the stress of  my case.  What!  Why?

Cole hadn’t done anything for close to a year.  Again, all Cole had to do was file a Motion to Dismiss based upon false police reports and gross over the top prosecutorial misconduct/retaliatory prosecution for me exposing local public corruption in the BFG?  (Get It…Again?)

The Motion to Dismiss would contain evidence of false police reports, missing court security tapes, evidence of jury tampering, destruction of a Merced County Citizen’s complaint, death threats to me covered up, etc..  The Motion to Dismiss would prove my innocence.  It would also show DA Morse’s et al. guilt in trying to bury me.

DA Morse wanted to make sure I would never have a criminal trial to prove my innocence of not even remotely attacking a judge.  In order to do that, there would need to NEVER be a trial.  Morse and Dumars charted the way.  In order to accomplish avoiding a trial, that are attempting to have me unlawfully declared mentally incompetent and have the criminal case dismissed against me.

Forever more, I would be adjudged as being crazy….just crazy.

Morse and Dumars now intend to make my struggling against them to stop the false prosecution of me as just crazy and wild conspiratorial allegations by me.

Incredibly, they will point to the long list of attorneys they put in a position to undermine my case to sell me out..that failed.

A comparison of the court transcript and Dumars’ recorded statements in the conversation of September 25th, 2012 indicate that the real reason (not disclosed in open court) to have me declared mentally incompetent was so he could have the criminal charges dismissed.

If you look closely, DA Morse, Pazin, Fincher, Dumars and the Merced County McClatchy Newspaper Gang (Modesto Bee, Merced Sun Star, Los Banos Enterprise)..can’t fool you.

It wasn’t due to me being mentally incompetent to aid in my defense as Dumars told the court.  Dumars had no intention of putting on a defense.  He had no pre-trial motions prepared, just as ADA Turner did not have any pre-trial motions filed.  Such motions should have been filed 15 days prior to the September 17th, 2012 hearing.

Dumars and Morse’s objective was to maneuver a way to deny me my right to trial to be proven innocent.  It would forever disgrace me.

It would discredit the allegations I have against DA Morse et al in my Federal Civil suit which is on stay pending the outcome of this criminal case.

The relevant evidence that I would be able to present in my defense at the criminal trial reveals the Merced cabal against me for exposing public corruption.

I was the bone caught in their throat that they had to falsely prosecute.  It was due to an arrogant vicious Merced County Deputy Sheriff Chris Picinich and other supporting thugs.  Picinich falsely arrested me, and battered me twice on two separate occasions both at Merced County Courthouses.

DA Morse offered me a deal before filing charges for misdemeanors instead of the felonies that I did not commit and had to post bail of $135,000.00 for (see end-note).

If I would forgo any litigation for false arrest, police brutality…Morse wouldn’t file any charges.  No thanks, Larry.

What Morse did was a felony.  The threat of criminal prosecution to stop the filing of a civil claim, by statute, is a felony.

But, that is not the concentric reason why I believe many of the urban legend nefarious Good ol’ Boys in the cabal will eminently be indicted.


Handcuffs galore for the DA Morse Merced County Cabal. I sincerely hope!

  1. Obstruction of justice to cover up the tyrannical assault upon me for writing about the corruption in the Badger Flats Gazette.
  2. Covering up the death threats I received from Mayor Tommy Jones because they were all for anything that could intimidate me into shutting up.
  3. BPD Gary Brizzee covering up his knowledge of illegal firearms in the possession of Marion Santos and the dumping of toxic waste.
  4. Creating a threat to our national security, troops and US citizens around the world.
Their  acts are treasonous.  They have heightened the distrust of the US in that they should not  judge the  misdeeds of foreign governments when they themselves do this to their own citizens.
Ultimately, there will need to be several arrests to recapture the trust of the citizens of the United States and the world.  A clear and strong message must be sent that collusion between McClatchy Newspapers and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to conceal a tyrannical assault by the US government upon a citizen is not tolerated.

Valentine’s Day Gift from HELL: Alex Ruiz, 22, RIP. Killed by DA Morse’s son Dylan Morse, date of accident, Feb. 14, 2009.

END-NOTE:  I am currently out on bail for $135,000.00 for misdemeanors.  DA Morse’s son, Dylan,  only had to post bail of $105,000.00 for killing Alex Ruiz while driving drunk and putting another person in a coma.    It seems that the bail for a DA’s kid killing somebody comes with a substantial discount.


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