Center for Investigative Reporting: Shill for The Government

Preface:  Let me introduce  you to another group of shills for the government similar to the First Amendment Coalition (FAC) , the Center for INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING (CIR).

CIR’s by-line is “Revealing injustice for 35 years”.  



They are a non-profit group which means that McClatchy Newspapers, can donate money to them and receive tax credits for doing so.

CIR’s was able to pilfer tax free donations in the tune of $4,158,035.00 in 2009 from the efforts of Strategic Communications identified on their IRS Form 990 Schedule “O”  as “a one-person nonprofit fundraising consultancy”.

The header on CIR’s donation page reads, “Nothing beats the truth.  Help us uncover it.”

With that in mind, lets see how Mr. Lance Williams, a Senior Writer for CIR  addressed my seeking their help in having their investigate my allegaitnoas that i am being retaliaited against by ovenrment oficials for epxosing pubcli corurpiton and that McClacthy Newspapers, who is a co-defdnat wiht DA Larry Morse

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