DA Larry Morse, II and Gene Forte, April 1st, 2009.

(Merced County, California)  The Badger Flats Gazette notified members of the California District Attorneys Association (CDAA) of a recorded conversation with Merced County District Attorney Larry Morse, II and myself, Gene Forte.

Links to this article have been provided them for a response.

Morse emphatically states several times during the conversation that if he investigated or filed charges against me he would be violating his ethical duties as a prosecutor, and California statutory codes.



Morse stated the reason why the conflict existed was due to the fact that:

1.  Morse was the defendant and I was the plaintiff in the civil Case Management Conference I was arrested at.  Months before my impromptu arrest Morse and his offices had been sued by me alleging that they were looting the Underground Storage Tank Fund with clean-up contractors.

2.  Five of his Assistant Deputy DA’s were witnesses to my arrest which would need to be investigated and charged.

3.  Morse discussed the  conflict with all of the Deputy DA’s in his offices and with DA’s in other counties and they all agreed that he had a illegal conflict that prevented him from either investigating or filing charges against me.

Let’s think about this for a moment!

The questions put to members of the  California District Attorneys Association are:

1.  Should Morse, after stating that he had  such conflicts, have investigated charges or filed charges against me?

2. Has Morse committed prosecutorial misconduct?

3.  Should Morse continue to be on the Board of Directors of the CDAA?

4.  Is Morse fulfilling the CDAA mission statement “To promote justice by enhancing prosecutorial excellence” and motto “There is more to being a prosecutor than getting a conviction”?

5.  Should Morse be investigated by the California State Bar for breaching his ethical duties as an attorney?

6.  Has Morse committed acts against me which would be considered abuses done under the color of law?

7.  Should Morse be investigated by the California Attorney General’s Office?



To put a cherry on top of the problems for Morse, his Chief Investigator Patrick Lunney told me on February 6th, 2012 that he was told by Morse not to call me back concerning my criminal complaint of the destruction of the 2009 Merced County Sheriff’s Department Citizen Complaint for false arrest and police brutality due to their conflict.

Listen to Lunney and I in the raw while he is performing his duty as a DA Chief Investigator.  I  did appreciate Lunney speaking with me even though he had not responded to any messages or faxes sent to him for over a month.

I think Lunney was trying to be as honest as he could..but he didn’t even buy what he was telling me.  Morse and the good ol’ boys of Merced County are getting more and more people sucked into the cabal.  Here is the letter to Lunney 120206 ltr to Lunney regarding Conversation.

You talked to WHOM!!!!!!!!!!!

I  wish I had a Polaroid of Morse’s face when Lunney told him, “I talked to Gene Forte today.”

Morse must still be glued to the ceiling! (LOL)

120206 Lunney DA Has Conflict 1107AM Part 1

120206 Lunney DA Has Conflict 1107AM Part 2

120206 Lunney DA Has Conflict 1107AM Part 3

120206 Lunney DA Has Conflict 1107AM Part 4

Lunney tells me that the DA’s office has a conflict and has had one since before filing the charges against me in September 2009!

Lunney also says that because of this conflict, he cannot investigate any criminal complaint I file against law enforcement,  but, he is NOT going to refer it out to anyone else?

Lunney told me he was going to talk to Morse, and then call me back.  Is he really going to call me back?  Or is he going to be transferred to some Antarctic outpost?

Here’s the brain freeze…so if they had a conflict existing before my arrest, how can they be prosecuting me now, with a trial coming up on March 20th, 2012?

They can’t!


Obviously, Morse’s opinion is, we don’t have any conflict prosecuting Forte, we only have a conflict investigating any crimes by law enforcement done to Forte which would reveal that our prosecution is vindictive and retaliatory.

I am hoping that the CDAA does not want to step into the same ring of fire Morse has pulled the  Merced County DA’s Office,  law enforcement of Merced County, and judicial officers of the Merced Superior Court into.

Hope springs eternal for me.. and I am searching for a honest law enforcement agency out there to put an end to this law enforcement cabal against me.

Dylan Morse sentenced to 12 years for vehicular manslaughter a few days prior to Morse Forte 07/31/09 conversation. Dylan’s extraordinary reduction of sentence to three years took place 3 months after Morse files charges against Forte.

To set the stage of the relationship between Morse and me, I ask for you to consider the following as you digest the start of the conversation of July 31st, 2009 between Larry and me.

090731 July 31st 2009 Gene Says Hello Larry Discusses Dylan Morse Says Can’t Handle Cases

I was sincerely concerned about the pain Larry was going through with his son Dylan who had just been sentenced to 12 years for vehicular manslaughter.

On the record, even though Larry has closed his eyes to what he has  gotten himself into,  and what he is doing to me, he knows that I am still compassionate to him.

Larry knows that I have stated publicly that he cut a deal with the powers that be to file false charges against me in order to get his son’s sentence reduced to three years.

I even told him that perhaps I might have done the same in his position.  But, even though I understood, it does not mean that I will not hold him accountable for doing it.

After I was arrested by who I call Deputy Chris “Mad Dog” Picinich on February 24th, 2009, Larry still had no problem putting his arm around me in the presence of hundreds of people including Merced County Sheriff Mark Pazin and having his picture taken on April 1st, 2009.  (See photo at top of article)

At the time, I was a person out on $117,000.00 bail for two felonies for allegedly attacking a judge.

Morse assured me that all of it would go away provided I didn’t file litigation against Deputy Picinich for what he did.

Perhaps that could have been in the cards then….but when Picinich attacked me a second time on July 21st, 2009 in a courthouse lobby…and slammed my head against a door when handcuffed, Morse knew I would not let it go.

Go ahead Chief….I’m listening!

As an offer of proof here are a few of the excerpts of the conversation between me and Morse on July 31st, 2009.

Ex. 08 Morse says cannot touch case   Audio Ex. 08

Ex. 10 090731 All DA Chiefs Agreed There was a Conflict  Audio Ex. 10

Ex. 11 090731 Cannot send case to another county  Audio Ex. 11

Ex. 12 Cannot investigate or file charges 001  Audio Ex. 12

Ex. 13 Morse explains in detail why he cannot handle case  Audio Ex. 13

Ex. 15 DA Morse cannot even make filing decision  Audio Ex. 15

Ex. 16 What makes it worse it was in Tetra Tech Case  Audio Ex. 16

Ex. 17 Morse says specific statue against filing  Audio Ex. 17

Ex. 18 DA Morse has to tell Stanislaus DA Forte experienced litigator  Audio Ex. 18

Ex. 19 090731 Cannot file case they all agree spoke to Jerry Brown  Audio Ex. 19

Mind you that about a month later, Morse filed criminal misdemeanor charges against me.

Why in the world would Morse file misdemeanor charges (I was arrested for three felonies) after telling me he couldn’t and continue the prosecution for now close to three years?


The answer is  simple…. things just got way out of control.  It boiled over when Mayor Tommy Jones had a juvenile send me death threats after I busted him with the FPPC in January 2010.

Here’s a short list of the benefits for Morse and the good old boys he is covering for with an all out vindictive prosecution and assault upon my civil rights:

1.  Got his son Dylan’s vehicular manslaughter sentence drastically reduced by Judge Gnoss in Sonoma County.

2.  Covered for Sheriff Mark Pazin’s Deputies’ stupid brutal attack upon me.

Go Larry! Go Larry! Go! Go! Go! We’re right behind you! Don’t let Forte get us! Go, Larry! Go! Go! Go!

3.  Discredit me to the public at large with the aid of McClatchy Newspapers so the corruption I brought out in Merced County and Monterey County would have less impact.

4.  Turn the heat away from Mr. Leon Panetta’s Monterey County good ol’ boys that I had been nailing in court with winning appeals.

5.  Take the heat off of ex-attorney General Bill Lockyer who pulled some dirty tricks trying to cover for Panetta’s boys.

6.  Dampen the impact of the BFG being credited for busting Mayor Tommy Jones with the FPPC for taking undisclosed loans (bribes) from Ranchwood Homes Developer, Greg Hostetler.  Jones was propagating that I was a dangerous member of the KKK.

Jones told that to my best friend of 40 years, best man at my wedding to my Chinese American wife,  Mr. Clinton E. Galloway, a fellow African American.

7.  Divert me away from exposing the tactics of roving circuit prosecutor Matt Maclear in demanding un-needed remediation of alleged MTBe under threat of criminal prosecution so that county agencies could drain millions of dollars from the Under Ground Storage Tank Fund with the multi-billion dollar environmental clean-up firm such as Tetra Tech, Inc.

8.  Punish me and silence me for exposing the dirty laundry of public officials throughout the State. (Audio statement of active Stanislaus Deputy)

Let’s face it….I have quite a price on my head.


Listen to these portions of the conversation with Morse.

It’s not hard to figure out Morse was trying to do a favor for Pazin’s deputies.  I didn’t attack a judge pro tem.

I didn’t commit any criminal acts against any citizens…at any time.

I am being persecuted/prosecuted by the government for exposing public corruption.

090731 July 31st 2009 Can’t watch me get slaughtered

090731 July 31st 2009 What happened with Picinich Gene tells

090731 July 31st 2009 Picinich assaulted Gene Eileen tells about head bump

090721 Jordan Recording Dads Head Bang July21

Injuries suffered after having my head smashed into a door after being handcuffed by Deputy “Mad Dog” Picinich.

Morse was told that I had the audio recording of my head being bashed against a door while handcuffed.

Morse knew that I had recordings that would prove that the officers lied in their police reports.

Is the CDAA going to close their eyes and ears and pretend there is not something drastically wrong here?

Are they willing to put in jeopardy their own reputations and the  integrity of all District Attorneys in the State of California?

We’ll see.

I ask for them to respond for their own self dignity.


Note:  One would think that Larry Morse, II, should either voluntarily resign his position, or be asked to step down as a member of the Board of Directors of the CDAA.

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