Public Corruption Exposed

The Badger tells it as he sees it…. corruption at its finest!  The Badger stands up and mocks the devil in its face.  The devil is a fraud, it uses intimidation as a trick to keep you in line so its crimes can be kept hidden.  Come with us as we pull back the curtain and give you an eye-opening show.

What the devil wants most, is to make the world believe it doesn’t exist and hide itself among its victims.  Not here at the Badger Flats Gazette.  Get some satisfaction by seeing the truth exposed and the word spread.

How Do Corrupt Judges, Attorneys, and Public Officials Get Away With It?

We will show how it’s done.  Oh yes, they are sneaky, snaky little critters, although some are so arrogant, they do it outright, in your face, then smile at you.

The Badger pushes forward ….. it takes courage to face up to those who can throw you in jail.  And yes, they’ll set you up in a second.  That’s the initimidation and threat they use against the public —  Stand up, be the nail that sticks out, and you’ll get hammered!

The Badger Flats Gazette Exposes Public Corruption

But not the Badger, he won’t back down.  In real life, badgers kill and eat snakes.  Let’s see if and how this badger can kill the snake.  See how he fights and protects himself.  The fight is ongoing…..  you can watch what happens for yourself.  Check back, and new posts will be added frequently to keep you informed on what the devil does, what the badger thinks, and how the badger reacts……