Kangaroo Court Retaliation Against Blogger for Exposing Public Corruption


Judge James Cadle, presiding, Eric Dumars questioning and Dr. Richard A. Blak testifying.

Preface:  Last week I filed Supplemental Information (Dkt. Entry 37-1) in support of my Motion for Appointment of Pro Bono Counsel with the Ninth Circuit Appellate Court in appeal #15-16368, Forte v. Merced County, et al..

It provided certified court transcripts that in my opinion indicate Eastern District Court Judges Anthony Ishii (AWI) and Magistrate Barbara McAuliffe (BAM) concealed what I say was a Kangaroo Competency trial, or Star Chamber proceedings of me by Merced Superior Court Judge James Cadle.

I contacted the Associated Press (AP) (Dkt. Entry 37-3-Email to AP) and Courthouse News Services to see if they would be interested in reporting upon my request to be assigned a pro bono counsel to argue that I was the victim of the governmental abuse of psychology for exposing prosecutorial/judicial misconduct and public corruption in my blogs. 

I mean, all Americans believe the press is ferocious about keeping the government from oppressing Freedom of Speech and the Press, or is that just U.S. government-media propaganda?

I’ll let you know when Associated Press or Courthouse News Services responds.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has been presented evidence in my Supplemental Information (Dkt. Entry 37-1-Suppl. Information, 37-2-Forte Decl.) that Judge Ishii knowingly ratified a Kangaroo Court competency trial on 01/28/2013.

The pre-determined outcome of the trial was to declare me mentally incompetent (without being seen by a Dr.) due to suffering from a severe mental delusional disorder (when I was not) based upon me blogging about government corruption in Merced and Monterey County.

At this time (like it or not), I am still certified by the court as being mentally incompetent, delusional and unable to have aided my defense attorney Eric Dumars on 01/28/2013.

It makes no difference that I successfully trialed an eight day jury trial before Judge Ishii on 06/06/2014 (while I was supposedly delusional).

I officially became the first non-attorney in Federal Court history to receive a rare jury verdict with punitive damages proving that I had been maliciously retaliated against by Mayor Tommy Jones of Los Banos for exposing his corruption in my blogs.  (Forte v. Tommy Jones, 1:11-0718-AWI-BAM)

I add that eight jurors in the Forte v. Jones case (who didn’t know me from Adam) unanimously didn’t think that I was delusional either.  (Forte Verdict Jones Case)

The Ninth Circuit Court of appeals was presented the entire Certified Court Transcript of the Kangaroo trial of 01/28/2013.

I publicly challenge any licensed ethical, unbiased attorney in the United States to read the transcript and then argue it wasn’t a Kangaroo Trial which would have been easily discernible to experienced Judges Ishii and Magistrate McAuliffe upon reading it.

Heck, anyone with an iota of intelligence,certainly a news reporter with AP or Courthouse News (even without a law degree) can easily see it was a sham and Kangaroo Trial without a doubt.

I am saying that the Kangaroo Trial was scripted by Merced County DA Larry Morse, ADA Alan Turner, Judge James Cadle, Merced County Counsels James Fincher, Roger Matzkind, Rayma Church Merced County Public Defender Eric Dumars (who later tried to hang himself after I filed my Grand Jury complaint against them) and Dr. Richard A. Blak, to discredit my allegations concerning public corruption in Merced County.

I am saying that the ultimate objective of the Kangaroo trial was to have the case of Forte vs. Merced County, 1:11-0318-AWI-BAM dismissed, as it was by Judge Ishii.

I am saying it was an age old government ploy as used by Stalin in Russia to silence criticism of government.


Benjamin Franklin (center) at work on a printing press. Reproduction of a Charles Mills painting by the Detroit Publishing Company.

One of our country’s first activist journalists, in my opinion, was none other than Benjamin Franklin.  Ben, with his little printing press, sent the British running and took the King of England’s crown and shoved it up the wazoo of the Queen.

The press was granted special privileges (Freedom of The Press Clause) to protect citizens from the tyranny of a government by reporting upon government corruption without fear of reprisal.

 The illusion of Superman, Clark Kent, reporter, and man of steel who rights all wrongs of American injustices was born.


Soon I’ll have reached out to and influenced more people than anybody in the history of this planet, save God himself. And the best he ever managed was the Sermon on the Mount.

Illusions are hard things to shatter even if the image of news media organizations and their reporters today are more of the ilk of madman Eliot Carver.

I once had the pleasure of interviewing Professor Joe Saltzman, former Associate Dean of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California.  Prof. Saltzman is the director of the Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture (IJPC) and the author of Frank Capra and The Image of the Journalist in American Film.

I think you will find it both interesting and appalling about what he politely calls the “franchise” between government and the news media.





Prof. Saltzman is the director of the Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture (IJPC) and the author of Frank Capra and The Image of the Journalist in American Film.

Gene: Does media control our government or government control our media? Or is that semantics?

Joe:   The media and the government work hand in hand supporting the status quo and the people who pay their bills. It is difficult for news media to be a free press when it is owned by the same people who elect our officials–the rich and the powerful.

Those who now own the media do not want to ruffle government into doing anything that would damage the franchise, the ability to make as much money as possible.

So government and those owning the media work hand in hand to support those policies that benefit people in higher tax brackets, in Big Business. None of this evil, or even planned out.

(**You can read the entire interview  in “Silence is Golden“(Saltzman Interview, Pg. 32)





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