Forte Vindicated: Dumars on Drugs-Forced To Resign


Eric Dumars, a real snake. State Bar Complaint filed by Gene Forte of AttorneyBusters for abandonment.

Eric Dumars, a real snake. State Bar Complaint filed by Gene Forte of AttorneyBusters for abandonment.

PREFACE:  Get ready for the spin machines of McClatchy newspapers throughout California and their cronies to be rolling 24-7 doing damage control for Leon Panetta, and his Monterey County Good Old Boys who just can’t believe how stupid the Merced County DA  Larry “Morse Cabal “were to get themselves trapped by Gene Forte.

The January 14th, 2014 Merced Sun-Star articles by Ramona Giwarkis, about Eric Dumars ‘Public Defender Plans to Resign’ and ‘Merced County launched internal investigation into Dumars’ are beyond journalistic fraud.  It is a clear cut example of a governmental propaganda machine at work.

Giwarkis has not responded to emails or phone messages left by Forte since January 14th, 2014. (A link to this Blog has been sent directly to

It is absolutely impossible for the overwhelming amount of evidence and connections between the nefarious parties to be presented in a short blog, or in a volume of 50 books for that matter, but you will be getting tidbits  that should leave you wanting more.

No matter which way you slice it, Forte has been vindicated, and it is only just the beginning.

The culpable government officials, jurists  and law enforcement that have supported what culminated in the political abuse of psychology to keep concealed their retaliation against Forte is far ranging.  It is a conspiracy of silence.

Morse-like Cabals which are being concealed by their propagandist newspapers may, and probably do, exist in other communities with just different names and faces.

It is the core problem that endangers the peaceful tranquility of our nation because 85% of all citizens do not trust government.

Its hilarious how 85% of prisoners are convicted on conspiracy charges, but the only time  an allegation of a conspiracy is considered  delusional is when public official are officiating over other public officials accused of it by a citizen.

Their conduct has been treasonous to the core values of America and threatens the rule of law.

The true face of McClatchy Newspapers.

The true face of McClatchy Newspapers.




McClatchy Newspapers and its affiliates should be scrutinized to see if they as a “course of business” fabricate stories, contrary to the facts to conceal local government retaliation against citizens exposing government malfeasance similar to what they are doing with Forte.

McClatchy’s Los Banos Enterprise and Merced Sun-Star were quick to report without interviewing Forte of his alleged four felony arrests  (Article 1, Article 2) for supposedly attacking a judge and the same Merced Deputy Chris Picinich twice.

They are obligated as journalists to provide an update as to what the outcome of those arrests and criminal proceedings were.  There have been no updates. 

Forte has given up making requests since the Modesto Bee attempted to have Officer Leon Pintabonna with Merced Police Department harass Forte in Patterson saying they feared he may be threatening to “burn down the paper” if they didn’t write about the 2011 Grand Jury tampering.

Forte had actually sent an email to the editor of the Modesto Bee and had sent several other  letters asking for a follow up article to those they initially McClatchy had done about his arrest.  There was never any responses.

Read the email and you will agree with Officer Pintabonna there was no threat made.  So, why did Pintabonna call Forte then…just to chat?  No, it was to harass.

The end results was that Merced Officer Leon Pintabonna apologized to Forte for the intrusion.

Pintabonna then did not return phone calls when Forte sought to file charges against the  Merced Sun-Star for filing the false police report that Forte was threatening to burn down the newspaper, which of course he did not.

Forte is going to organize a boycott of McClatchy Newspaper and hurt them in the pocketbook instead.

Forte thinks it would be incredulous  that the combined keen observatory powers of senior law enforcement officers such as DA Larry Morse, Sheriff Mark Pazin, ADA Alan Turner, Merced County Counsel James Fincher, Judge James Cadle or any other person working with Merced County Counsel Eric Dumars, were not quickly able to identify that Dumars had a serious drug and alcohol problem that affected his work.

Forte submits that the Morse Cabal not only recognized Dumars’ sickness but took advantage of it to get Dumars to do their bidding and sell Forte out to conceal their retaliation against Forte.

DA Morse,Fincher Personal Stash for Dumars?

DA Morse,Fincher Personal Stash for Dumars?

Dumars could be easy prey to the lure of drugs straight out of the Police Dept.’s impound room that DA Morse, Sheriff Pazin, and a number of members of the Morse Cabal have the keys to.

The Fresno FBI is as useless as the proverbial teets on a boar.  They have been caught actively covering up the Morse cabal since 2010.

Where this is all going to go now is anyone’s guess…but it is not looking good for the DA Larry Morse Cabal.

It has spilled over to Stanislaus County with the Eastern District Federal Lawsuit of Forte v. Chief Tori Hughes, Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Dept., 1:13-cv-001980-LJO-SMS,  filed on December 3rd, 2013.

The Patterson Irrigator reported on January 16th, 2014 in an article, ‘Patterson Chief drops from Sheriff race’ by Nick Rappley,  that Hughes “was fighting unforeseen health issues” that first arose when she went on “medical leave for undisclosed reasons in early December” and has withdrawn from the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Race.

The lawsuit against Hughes focuses upon the violent attack  by Patterson Police Department/Stanislaus Deputy Luke Schwartz upon Forte for recording their face-to-face conversation.

It seems that Dumars and Hughes may be suffering from the same peculiar medical malady known as Forte-itis or Badger-itis.

At the time of the incident, Forte was trying to obtain a copy of a police report he filed with Deputy Sergeant Randy Watkins about Dumars, Morse, Cadle and Dr. Richard Blak.

Lady Liberty is gasping at the treachery of Dumars and the DA Morse Cabal.

Lady Liberty is gasping at the treachery of Dumars and the DA Morse Cabal.


“I set a poor example as a representative and diminished the respect of our office. For that I am Sorry.

However, it is equally important for me to say that every person makes mistakes

and gets sick in different ways.”

–Eric Dumars, Merced County Public Defender

For DUMARS, his “sick” manifests in drug and alcohol abuse, and sexual advances to minors.

The Morse Cabal sanctioned by Supervisor Jerry O’Banion enticed Dumars with the  advancement to the position of Merced County Public Defender….all he had to do was be a Judas to Forte, and betray his oath of office.

Bad choice Eric.

The Morse Cabal ship is sinking and he end is near. Every vermin for themselves!

The Morse Cabal ship is sinking and the end is near. Every vermin for themselves!

The revelation of DUMARS, returning after being away from his office for more than three months on an undisclosed leave of absence, has Forte wondering if people would think he was delusional if he considered that DUMARS may have went  AOL after Forte filed his  Merced County Grand Jury Complaint against DUMARS on September 16th, 2013.

The complaint to the Grand Jury was specifically about DUMARS.  The Grand Jury rejected pursuing the complaint on October 1st, 2013.

The Grand Jury is a hoax.  Forte urged them to reconsider in a letter of October 12th, 2013.   It fell on the deaf ears of the Morse Cabal advisors.

Does the Grand Juror want the public to believe that the complaint filed by Forte on  September 16th, 2013, demanding an investigation of Dumars, was determined to have no basis or merit, while now it comes out that there was an “internal investigation of Dumars” triggered almost at the exact same time?

The  investigation which Forte was demanding would have included Supervisor  O’Banion, Fincher, Morse and other members of his cabal, ergo, that is why it was de-railed by Fincher, et al..

The Grand Jurors, and its foreperson Roscoe P. Jackson, are as naive as posts AND/OR controlled by the public officials at the heart of the Morse Cabal.

Forte is publicly accusing and has filed in his court documents allegations that Merced County Counsel James Fincher, Supervisor Jerry O’Banion, Judge Brian McCabe and DA Larry Morse tampered with the Grand Jury to avert an investigation of DUMARS which would lead back to them.

It was what they had previously done with the 2011 Grand Jury complaint of Forte’s that Stanislaus County Deputy Sheriff Randy Watkins investigated and affirmed.

The Grand Jury complaint is tampered with by the Morse Cabal, Dumars goes AOL, and now, according to the Merced Sun-Star, an investigation had been started on Dumars almost at the exact time that Forte had his Grand Jury complaint was rejected.

(Personal Note:  Yes Eric. I know that the drugs made you do it.  I hope that you are receiving proper treatment and your family is not suffering many hardships.  My prayers are out for you and them.)

It is not vengeance FORTE seeks but justice that all who participated, or closed a blind eye to the scheme by the DA Morse Cabal to have Forte declared mentally incompetent when he was not, are held accountable.

 “WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?”  —WARREN YATES, Yates Investigative Services


Mr. Warren Yates, Licensed Private Eye.

Mr. Warren Yates, Licensed Private Eye.

The sudden forced resignation of Merced County public defender, Eric Dumars, is not a surprise to those that are aware that Forte has been in pursuit of the DA Morse cabal that controlled DUMARS through his Achilles heel of alcohol and underage girls.

Warren Yates, the private investigator hired by Merced County to investigate the Merced County Deputies arrest of Forte under penalty of perjury said there was a conspiracy by law enforcement and Dumars to conceal that Forte was being retaliated against for exposing public corruption by DA Morse.

Dumars fired Yates after Yates submitted his report to the court, and attempted to report the deputies to the Attorney General that ignored him.

Forte has put on court records and said publicly since September 18th, 2012 that DUMARS was out of control due to substance abuse, and was selling him out to DA Larry Morse in what Forte calls the Morse Cabal.

On December 23rd, 2013, Merced Sun-Star publishers, Jason Cross and Dave Hill, were served courtesy copies of the the Request for Disqualification of Merced Superior Court Judges  Brian McCabe, Ronald Hansen, Marc Garcia, Mark Bacciarini, Donald Proietti, filed by Forte in his case.  Dumars is mentioned 26 times.

Attorney Gregory Chappel of Oakhurst disclosed in a November 22, 2013  letter to Forte that Dumars abandoned Forte, and Forte was denied legal representation by Judge James Cadle, but wouldn’t argue it in the Opening Brief.

There is now a Marsden Motion (Document) pending seeking the termination of Chappel for ineffectiveness of appellate counsel for abandoning Forte just as Dumars had done.



It's time to peacefully close down the propaganda machines of the government.

It’s time to peacefully close down the propaganda machines of the government.

The SUN-STAR articles by Ramona Giwarkis of January 14th, and 15th, 2014 are journalistic fraud and an intentional distortion of the facts plagiarized from Forte’s Badger Flats Gazette trying to bring light to the public that he was being retaliated against by public officials for exposing public/judicial corruption.

The court filed documents that were in the possession of the Merced Sun-Star at the time Giwarkis wrote her articled indicated that DUMARS was going to be added as a defendant along with DA Morse, Pazin, O’Banion, James Fincher, Roger Matzkind and a number of other members of the Morse Cabal, to the Eastern District Federal lawsuit of Forte v. Merced County, 1:11-cv-00318-AWI-BAM by January 31st, 2014.

The core issue that this brings to focus is that McClatchy Newspapers that owns the Merced Sun-Star, Modesto Bee, Los Banos Enterprise, Sacramento Bee, and 75% of all newspapers in the country conceals government retaliation against citizens for exposing public corruption.

Across the next few weeks, Forte will be organizing a nationwide boycott of all advertisers utilizing McClatchy Newspapers.

Advertisers with McClatchy will be contacted and asked not to advertise with McClatchy until they begin reporting accurately and fairly.

There will be a web page for signatures with a list of  the specific advertiser being boycotted for the month and why.

It’s time to non-violently stop the propaganda machines.

It is time for them to suffer financial repercussions for concealing government retaliation against citizens.

Forte has left several messages and sent additional documents to GIWARKIS requesting a response.  There has been none.

The  SUN-STAR, GIWARKIS, HILL and CROSS have distorted and plagiarized from Forte’s Badger Flats Gazette, and continues to reveal they are nothing more than shill for government corruption and retaliation.   


"Dumars is out of control. My life is in the hands of a cocaine fiend who's bought off by DA Morse!" -GF

“Dumars is out of control. My life is in the hands of a cocaine fiend who’s bought off by DA Morse!” -GF


Here is only a small portion of statements that were filed throughout Forte’s court cases in Merced Superior Court and Federal Court of Forte telling the court and public officials Dumars was on drugs and out of control.

Anyone with any sense could tell Dumars was on drugs and doing the underhanded bidding of DA Morse, James Fincher and Roger Matzkind, et al. to undermine Forte’s defense to conceal prosecutorial retaliation.

January 28th, 2013, Mental Competency Non-Jury Trial Court Transcript (Excerpts) 

(Note:  Forte was denied a jury trial when Dumars  waived the jury for his own motion brought

to have Forte declared mentally incompetent without seeing a psychologist.)

FORTE…And inside of the recordings, that is attached here of January 25th, the audio recording between myself and Mr. Dumars, where his speech was slurred. He was speaking incoherently as if he was affected by either alcohol or drugs, he said that the Court —   (Court Transcript, 1/28/13, Pg. 13, lns. 12-16)


DUMARS: Okay. You in your declaration today that you filed with the Court have indicated that you believe that I am a cocaine addict?

FORTE:  That is incorrect, misstates my statement inside of the letter. What I stated was, was that when I was incarcerated — details — when I was incarcerated on December the 3rd, 2012 an individual, who wishes to go ahead and remain anonymous at the prison, said that he had gone and had Mr. Dumars as his attorney, and that Mr. Dumars was a cocaine addict and had gone ahead and made improper sexual advances to a daughter of one of his clients. As to how true that is, I do not know. However, I will state that according to my own personal observations and Mr. Dumars’ slurred speeches and antics in what he is doing in this proceeding, I have no reason to go ahead and — (Court Transcript, 1/28/13, Pg. 33, lns. 3-17)


DUMARS:  Do you think based upon this mental disorder that affects his (FORTE) ability to cooperate in a rational manner with counsel in presenting a defense?

BLAK:   I do. It’s based upon the fact that he does not trust his counsel. He uses words like “stabbing him in the back.” He talks about his attorney being guilty of using cocaine, other kinds of nefarious acts. He has identified Mr. Dumars as part of a conspiracy. How can one assist his counsel in a rational manner when he believes that there is this group of people to harm him, and that includes his own attorney?  (Court Transcript, 1/28/13, Pg. 54, lns. 17-26)

(NOTE:  Does Dr. Blak think it would be wrong of Forte not to trust his attorney that was addicted to drugs and alcohol?  Does Blak still think Forte was delusional  for thinking that Dumars was on drugs? (LOL)


DUMARS:  And when there’s some — there’s some disagreement in how to present that defense, it is met, and I believe due to the disorder, with intense aggression that results in, as the Court has seen, horrendous accusations, manipulation of evidence, drug abuse.Mr. Forte today for the first time has indicated that he believes I — or makes the accusation that his defense counsel has made inappropriate advances to an underage daughter of a client. He takes these extreme delusions and then he broadcasts them through emails to, as he mentioned, to the entire legal community.

MR. FORTE:     I never mentioned anything about an underage client.

THE COURT:    Sit down, please. This is not evidence being presented.
MR. FORTE:    Oh, I thought he was supplying additional information.
THE COURT:   Closing statement.
MR. FORTE:    I didn’t know about underaged.  (CT, 1/28/13, Pg.60, LN. 17 – Pg.  61, lns.26) 
September 18th, 2012 (Letter) 
TO:   Judges Brian McCabe, Ronald Hansen, James Cadle, Marc Garcia, Mark Bacciarini
“I speculate that Dumars in a panic to save himself, either didn’t realize, or didn’t care that he was putting DA Morse, DDA Turner, McClatchy Newspapers, you and all of the other supporting accomplices to the cabal, i.e., Merced County Counsel James Fincher, Roger Matzkind, Sheriff Mark Pazin, the FBI, DOJ/OIG, California AG Kamala Harris, Los Banos PD, Merced PD, and even Judge Ishii (and this is a short list) testicles1 on the chopping block due to the following provisions of Rule 4.130. Mental competency proceedings.
September 18th, 2012  (Letter to Dumars)
TO: Eric Dumars
RE:  You should seek mental help
FROM:  Gene Forte

As you know, I have notified Mr. Larry Coombs, Merced County Administrator and others, that I believe, based upon your recent actions of bizarrely having the court initiate competency proceedings against me…that you could be on the verge of a mental collapse.

I believe your filing of the inanely improper competency motion would be part of the substantial evidence against you to support the initiation of a competency hearing concerning you.  It is certainly a ton more than you submitted to the court to have the court grant your unnoticed, un-filed motion.  You presented nothing at all…not a shred of paper or an offer of proof orally.

I am very serious, Eric.  I consider that you could possibly be a harm to me, yourself or others.  I am not to the point of seeking a TRO but I will leave my options open if your mental state continues to deteriorate.  I want to make sure I keep the communication and record clear as to what I am making you and everyone aware of.  -Gene Forte


October 18th, 2012 (Letter)    (Note:  I speculate that if you chekc when Cooms decided to retire may have been nea this time perior.  Perhaps another acute case of forteitis.)

Merced County Administration Office

TO:  Mr. Larry Combs, County Executive Officer

FROM:  Gene Forte

Dumars revealed on September 25th, 2012 that after consulting with his confidantes in his office who he refused to name, it was decided that once they had me declared mentally incompetent they could dismiss the criminal case over my objection or that of DA Morse (who of course would not seriously object but perhaps do it just for show). 

Gene’s Note:  Please check back as there will be additional postings but due to the overwhelming  amount of government trickery I need to attend to, I have little time to write.






More evidence in the case against the DA Larry Morse Cabal (aka, Merced County Good old Boys)










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