Alleged Delusional Publisher Requests Appellate Counsel

I've been writing!

I’ve been writing— AGAIN!

PREFACE:  Gene Forte (yours truly), wishes you all a Happy New Year and provides this brief update.  (I wanted to be credited as being the first to let the public know.)  The integrity of the Ninth Circuit Court is being tested before the public.

Will they do the right thing…or be dragged down the same rabbit hole (“fraud upon the court”) that I opine was dug by Merced County Counsels Roger “Rabbit” Matzkind and James Fincher with E.D. Court Judge Anthony W. Ishii and Magistrate Barbara A. McAuliffe.

On 01/03/2016 I filed a MOTION FOR APPOINTMENT OF PRO BONO COUNSEL (Dkt. Entry #35-1-Motion, #35-2-, Forte Decl., #35-3, Ex.-1-) in the Ninth Circuit Appellate case #15-16368, Forte v. Merced County, DA Larry Morse, Merced County Counsel James Fincher, et al..

The motion is based upon my being declared suffering from a severe mental delusional disorder by court appointed psychologist, Dr. Richard A. Blak.  Blak rendered his medical opinion without seeing me.  I’m not crazy…they are as crooked as snakes using a technique honed by Stalin in Russia.  It’s called the governmental abuse of psychology.

The government will get you declared crazy (even if you are not) by hook or crook to discredit those that criticize them.  Judges and our constitution are to protect citizens against such an atrocity.  In my case, E.D. Judges Ishii and McAuliffe participated in the scurrilous act by a conspiracy of silence.

Let’s face it, I am not the judicial system or the government’s favorite person.  To the corrupt judges, attorneys and public officials, I am their archenemy.  I ran in the 2003 Recall Race for Governor of California on the platform of exposing public/judicial corruption.  Do you think they like me owning a website called

Blak’s medical opinion was based upon my writings in this Badger Flats Gazette, court filings in Forte v. Merced County, 1:11-00318-AWI-BAM (subject E.D. case under appeal) and Forte v. Jones, 1:11-0718-AWI-BAM (the case I won while crazy).  I trialed an eight day Federal case before Judge Ishii and proved to a jury of eight that I was being maliciously retaliated against by Mayor Tommy Jones of Los Banos, CA. for exposing his corruption.

I received a unanimous jury award of  extremely rare punitive damages.

I was the first in pro per (non attorney) in Federal Court history to do so.  I did this only months have Blak said I was delusional about by allegations.

Now, what in the heck is really going on here?  It’s simple.  A bunch of crooked public officials, backed up by some bad judges tried to shut me up.  They found themselves in the wrong fight with the wrong guy…me.

Light years ahead of Dr. Richard Blak and second only to Judge Anthony (arm chair psychotherapist) Ishii.

Lucy—Light years ahead of Dr. Richard Blak and second only to Judge Anthony (armchair psychotherapist) Ishii.

My being adjudicated as delusional was also based upon my accusing Merced County Counsel Roger “Rabbit” Matzkind, Rayma (I don’t want to go down that rabbit’s hole” Church and my Merced County Public Defender, Eric “the rope broke” Dumars of perpetrating a “fraud upon the court” with Merced Superior Court Judge James Cadle, DDA prosecutor Alan Turner, DA Larry Morse and E.D. Fed. Judges Anthony Ishii and Magistrate Barbara McAuliffe.

Badger pups may recall that Dumars was forced to resign after an independent investigation by SuttonHattmaker found he was on drugs, vindictive, and a potential danger to other public defenders in his offices.  The report affirmed about 95% of the things I reported months before to Merced County Chief Administrator Larry Coombs, and was found to be mentally incompetent about by Blak.

Anyhow for now, keeping with a New Year’s resolution to get in better health so that I can blog a minimum of 10 hours a week, and put the finishing touches on my books…..I’m off to the gym.

Rayma Church told Magistrate McAuliffe says she feels like she has fallen down a rabbits' hole!

Rayma Church told Magistrate McAuliffe she feels like she has fallen down a rabbit’s hole!

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