First Amendment Coalition (FAC) = Government Carnival Shills


Sir Shill Peter Scheer, a real tongue twister.

Sir Shill Peter Scheer, a real tongue twister.

PREFACE:  The results are in of my testing the  belief  of Americans that if a citizen reporter was under attack by the government for exposing public corruption, the newspapers would be up in arms about it…. and regrettably, it is one huge PR hoax orchestrated by the newspapers carnival shilling for the government.

My previous post First Amendment Coalition (FAC) Notified of Government Retaliation Against Citizen/Reporter for Exposing Public Corruption provides more details.

But in a nutshell, on April 24th, 2013, I sent an email to the FAC and its board members informing them that I needed someone in the media or academia to bring attention to the matter of me being under attack by the government (CA) for exposing public corruption.

I sent ONE email to about four dozen of their “esteemed” board members.  The board of the FAC is comprised of newspaper publishers, attorneys and journalists.   I did NOT request legal representation.

I received only one response from their Executive Director, Mr. Peter Scheer.  I could say that I find that unusual, but it would be dishonest of me to say such.

I have no doubt that all of the board members were shooting off emails to each other, wringing their hands, saying that they were being put on the hot seat by me.

I have little doubt there was an edict laid down by McClatchy Newspapers that funds these carnival shills not to respond individually, and to let Scheer handle it.

I mean somebody told them not to respond, unless they all decided to be gutless wonders all on their own.  I would say the odds were against it.

Scheer is a real heavy weight, Harvard graduate, and purported champion of First Amendment Rights.

Citizens are told to know this about Scheer by the newspapers that are told to tell us this by the government that has the newspapers dangling on the end of their marionette strings.

Oh well!  At any rate, here is the response I received, and my reply back to Scheer which was also sent to the  FAC board members.


(Response from, and reply to FAC Executive Director, Peter Scheer)

May 1st, 2013

First Amendment Coalition                                                                             EMAIL
Mr. Peter Scheer

Re: FAC = A Group of Government Propaganda Shills

Dear Mr. Scheer,

I write this letter to put you and your board members in the spotlight of public accountability. I accuse the First Amendment Coalition (FAC) as being shills for a government gone mad and violating the trust of Americans.

I will not regurgitate what you already know of my being retaliated against by the government for exercising my First Amendment Right by exposing public corruption. I will not rehash your knowledge that the assault is being aided by your major donor McClatchy Newspapers, and your board member Mr. Karl Olson (their attorney). You’re a Harvard graduate that I respectfully submit does not need to be spoon-fed information redundantly.

My email to you (and your board members) of April 24th, 2013 stated,

“I need someone in the media or academia to bring attention to the matter of me being under attack by the government (CA) for exposing public corruption.”

On April 30th, 2013, you responded, (Scheer’s Response)

Thanks for your several emails. Unfortunately, this organization does not provide legal representation. We sometimes litigate on our own behalf and sometimes file “friend of court” briefs in litigation initiated by others.

But I’m afraid we can’t provide legal representation. You might want to contact the California State Bar, which operates an attorney referral service. Good luck!

You are grossly disingenuous with a purpose. First, I only sent one email with copies going to your board members. Second, as you know, I never asked for legal representation.

I forgive you on a personal level* realizing that you are obviously a weak person whose entire career has been dependent upon your newspaper donors that have granted you such a prestigious (though phony) position as Executive Director/Shill for their FAC.


Gene Forte

Cc:  FAC Board Members, K. Olson, and Posted at the Badger Flats Gazette

* On a professional level, I will do what I can to reveal that the FAC and its board members are nothing more than a bunch of government propagandists adding to the ruination of our country…and getting tax credits for it.


 What’s a Carnival Shill you ask?

Sir Shill Peter Sheer of the FAC without the Carny Straw Hat and Cane.

Sir Shill Peter Sheer of the FAC without the Carny Straw Hat and Cane.

A carnival shill is someone who works for the carnival and gets people to play the games by convincing the carnival goers that they are easy to win. There are many ways carnival shills are used. One way is the games are rigged so the shill wins in front of a crowd, thereby proving that people can win the games. Another is the shill walks around the carnival with a prize (generally something noticeable like a large stuffed animal) and when people ask where the shill got the prize, the shill responds they won it at such-and-such a game. These methods are especially effective if the shill is a young child or a pretty girl.

— OR —

Shills are also American newspapers and non-profit organizations they fund (and receive tax credits for) such as the FAC, that pretend they are protecting First Amendment Rights from government oppression.  BTW, they also get an awful lot of free lunches, dinners, prostitutes, booze, trips, retreats to The Panetta Institute, give each other a lot of awards for doing such great jobs of shilling, and anything else they can steal with a smile that glimmers like brass fittings on a coffin.

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