LB Councilwoman Lewis Refuses Mayor’s Request to Pay Punitive Damages

LOS BANOS, MERCED COUNTY, CA:  June 23rd, 2015: Ex-Mayor Tommy Jones was told by LB Councilwoman Deborah Lewis to go pound sand when Jones requested that LB Citizens pay Jones’ punitive monetary damages levied against him by a Federal Jury for his malicious violation of Eugene Forte’s civil rights.  (Forte v. Jones, 1:11-00718-AWI-BAM) On January 15, 2015, Ex-Mayor Tommy Jones requested the City of Los Banos to pay Forte’s punitive award against Jones.  As a result, a special city council meeting was called on June 23rd, 2015 to review the matter.  Luckily for Forte and the citizens of Los Banos, City Councilwoman Lewis was an
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